Exit Stage Left, Enter Stage Right: Theatre Trends Over the Past 25 Years

By Jason Baruch We have been asked to review legal and business trends in the commercial theater industry over the past 25 years, and to make some predictions of where the industry is heading in the 25 years to come. In undertaking this exercise, we find a few specific areas particularly worthy of discussion. Theatrical productions are much more expensive to mount and maintain than they were

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Carter Anne McGowan INTRODUCTION Sitting out in the hallway of the rehearsal studios, the actress said a silent prayer of thanks that auditions for The New Musical were running late—but, hopefully, not too late, because she had to get to the catering gig that paid most of her bills—and reviewed her “sides” one last time.1 It had been a tough year; a number of regional theatres a

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Mediation in Film, Television, Art and Real Life

By Judith B. Prowda* and Jason Aylesworth** Introduction Conflicts are often dramatized in film, literature and other art forms. Anyone who has grown up watching Perry Mason can attest that the excitement of the courtroom, as usually portrayed through the heated adversarial actions of the litigators, is what drives the story. In real life, however, litigation is often protracted, subject to coun

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Sarver v. The Hurt Locker LLC et al.

By Carter Anne McGowan In 2010, director Kathryn Bigelow's The Hurt Locker nearly swept the major awards at the Oscars, winning Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Original Screenplay. Recently, a lawsuit brought by Jeffrey Sarver, alleging not only that The Hurt Locker wasn't entirely original but was also defamatory and a violation of Sarver's rights to privacy and publicity, was tossed o

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